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Caps for Sale!

Context for this Lesson


TOPIC: Language Arts, Story Structure, CAPS FOR SALE

FOCUS QUESTIONS: What is the story of Caps for Sale? Who are the characters? What is the problem and solution in the story?


"We will begin our today with a song that comes from West Africa. This song is called: “Kye Kye Kule” which means: “Can you do this the way I do it?” in Swahili. I will sing the first line and I’d like you to repeat the second line back to me. I’d like you to use your voice and body to repeat EXACTLY what I do. Any questions? Let’s try it out."

KYE KYE KULE (chay chay koo-lay) Students chant it back to the leader.

KYE KYE KOFI SA (chay koh-fee sah) Students chant it back to the leader.

KOFI SA LANGA (koh-fee sah lahngah) Students chant it back to the leader.

LANGA TOU LANGA (lahngah too lahngah) Students chant it back to the leader.

HEY HEY HEY Students chant it back to the leader.


"Our story today takes place in small village in West Africa."
SHARE THE STORY of Caps for Sale


  • Make a list of the characters in the story.
  • Review the events at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Discuss the problem and the solution of the story.

"So it sounds like the cap played a very important role in this story, because (as you said) the cap was what the monkey took from the seller. And, the seller was able to trick the monkeys by pretending to throw down his cap. Let’s take some time now to make this very important prop or object from the story."

HAT MAKING: Have students move to their desks and make simple cone hats out of paper. Have each student decorate their hat with markers or crayons.

ROLE PLAY: Split the group into two. Have half the group put their hats away and stand on chairs, they are the monkeys. Have the other half of the group keep their hat on, they are the peddler. Teacher narrates story while all students act out the action. All peddlers and all monkeys do their action at the same time. Afterwards, switch roles and act out the story for a second time allowing each student to try out the other role.



  • What did we do today?
  • What was your favorite part about our work together today?


  • How did it feel to be the monkeys?
  • How did it feel to be the peddler?
  • How did the peddler solve her/his problem in the story?


  • Tell me about a time that you have had a problem that has been tricky to solve. How did you solve it?