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Momentum, Impulse, and Conservation

Context for this Lesson


GENERAL TOPIC: Momentum, Impulse, Law of Conservation

FOCUS: What are the underlying concepts of Momentum, Impulse and the Law of Conservation? What surrounding conditions make each state possible?

TEACHING GOALS: To review the above-mentioned concepts.


  • Students in Role
  • Teacher in Role


  1. Commercial Planning Sheet
  2. Paper, markers, pencils, etc.

Teacher in Role

Evelyn: Welcome, everyone! Thank you for coming to our creative team meeting. As you know, the Advertising Agency QUARK is here, hoping to generate a new line of infomercials that tell the citizens of Victoria about the benefits of Momentum, Impulse, and the Law of Conservation. By the end of the class, your group will need to present an outline of an infomercial to QUARKS’s Vice President (Talleri) tell Victoria why this concept is important.


Explain to the students that the outline should address the following questions;

  1. Define the concept or idea: What is it?
  2. State a real-life example of how/when this concept is used. (what are the conditions needed for this concept to work? When does it have real-life applications?)
  3. Tell the viewer why they NEED this product? What would happen without it? (Come up with a slogan, or tagline—Optional) Outlines can be written, drawn, storyboarded (cartoon style) or performed, as long as they address the questions above.

EXAMPLE: Commercial for Matter 1. Do you feel like your life has no substance? Are you empty inside? Well first, grab some protons, electrons and neutrons, then once your atoms have formed, find some empty space, put it all together and—voila! Matter! Whether you need your matter to be dense and solid, or you prefer a more mellow, dispersed liquid or even gas, matter will certainly fill a void. Remember—without matter, nothing matters.


(Three Corners for Three Groups) Talleri: I am going to read two statements out loud. Move to the corner of the room I point to according to your preference. • Chocolate, Vanilla, or Swirl; Coke, Pepsi, or Neither; Steak, Chicken or Veggies PLANNING After the three groups have formed, give each of them a commercial planning sheet and have them work together to come up with the text, storyboard, or one representation of their commercial outline.


Talleri comes in, in role as the vice president of QUARK. The groups must present their outlines to the President, and receive her feedback.


Questions for Reflectioni

  • What concepts of physics were parts of your pitches?
  • Did you connect your knowledge of these school topics to your life outside of school? If yes, how so?

Questions for the Teacher

  • How can the dramatic frame add even more urgency to the commercials? How can we raise the stakes?