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Poetry: Odes and Metaphor/Simile


Topic: Poetry: Odes and Metaphor/Simile
Purpose: To explore how metaphor can be used to express appreciation
Prior knowledge: basic definition of metaphor

  • Sock Poem:  “Ode to My Socks” by Pablo Neruda
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Favorite objects or items of clothing (brought in by students)

This Is Not A...
The teacher holds up a sock and explains the she has an imagination challenge for the group. The object of the game is to transform the sock into something it is not. The only thing that it cannot be is roll of tape; anything else that is appropriate for school is okay. The goal of the game is to explain what the object is and to use it in the appropriate manner as the phrase “This is not a sock, this is a ...” is spoken. For example, the leader begins by saying “This is not a sock, this is my new, shiny camera.” Then the leader then takes a picture of a student with her “camera.” The leader may ask for volunteers or challenge the group to see how quickly they can make it all the way around the room without repeating an object. Discuss what choices students saw other people make that really helped them to see the object.


Poster Dialogue (Using Images)
Students read the poem together and discuss; teacher reviews concept of metaphor. Divide students into small groups.  Each group is given a sheet of paper.  Students are instructed to draw an image they remember from the poem; this should be a silent activity, though music can be played.  After five minutes, teacher moves each paper to a new group. Students are asked to find an image they did not draw and add to it. After 5 minutes, teacher moves each paper to yet another group.  Each student chooses one image they feel strongly about and explains to their group why they chose that image.


Describe: What did we do today?
Analyze: How did you choose what images to draw? Why did you remember those?
Relate: What does our work today have to do with metaphor? How might you make a poem with metaphor?