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Scientific Method

Context for this Lesson

Teaching Strategies: 
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Scientific Method


Building student confidence and fluency with the scientific method; introduce drama strategies as an instructional tool.

Focus Questions:

How can the scientific method help us solve a mystery?




Today we will be using drama techniques to help us actively explore some of the concepts you have been studying in science class. We’ll be using the scientific method, so before we begin we’d like to review the steps on the board.

Have students list the scientific method.

Now, can we all agree to imagine that you are members of CSI: Victoria, the hottest crime-solving group in Victoria? Excellent. Unfortunately you’ve just been assigned a new boss, who has been transferred from another division.



Step into the role of Chief Detective Big Shot. BS explains that she has very big important case and with being new, she might need a little bit of help. I want you to use the science specific met-hood. Isn’t that cool? And wait, that IS the way you say it . . . (work with students to find correct word). Okay, so maybe I don’t know all the words and well honestly . . . I could REALLY use your help. Here’s the case:

  • A sixteen year old from the local high school, Anya Finkle, has been missing for three days.
  • She is a member of the show choir, concert choir, and swing choir.
  • She was supposed to sing a solo at the choir competition the day she went missing; it’s very strange.

Scientific Method (SM) 1: The question is “What happened to Anya Finkle?”

SM 2: Background Research using Artifacts.


share the contents of Anya’s locker:

1. Use D.A.R. techniques to examine the objects:

a. Look at an object and describe the physical characteristics.

b. Analyze what those characteristics could mean.

c. Relate the findings to why Anya might be missing.

Pause drama, teacher steps out of role. Thank you for your excellent participation thus far. In small groups, I’d like each of you to construct a hypothesis about where Anya Finkle is, based on the clues that we have examined.

SM 3: Construct a Hypothesis based on data collected from artifacts And, since we aren’t able to actually go out and test our hypothesis through an experiment we are going to imagine our way through this part of the scientific method.

In your table groups, do the following:

  1. Construct a hypothesis
  2. Imagine ways you could test your hypothesis to solve the case.

SM 4: Test a hypothesis related to the mysterious disappearance of Anya Finkle.

IF there is time: SM 5: Draw a conclusion based on your results and

SM 6: Communicate Your Results with the class.

Alternative: Ask students to create a reenactment of what they think happened the day that Anya Finkle disappeared, based on their evidence. Create three still images/slides that tell the story of what happened that day. Students may choose to title each image.


conclude with the return of Chief Detective Big Shot who watches each images and appreciates their input and participation.



  • What did we do today?
  • How might our work today relate to your upcoming science fair projects?
  • Part of this program is about developing lessons for teachers, what is your feedback on this lesson? How did it feel to use drama strategies to explore the scientific method?