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Test Taking Reading Skills- Spanish

Context for this Lesson

Teaching Strategies: 

GENERAL TOPIC: Introducing technology vocabulary

FOCUS: How can we introduce tech vocab using physical motion instead of stationary activities

M:ATERIALS index cards, phrases about technology


ENGAGE (HOOK): Today we are going to introduce your new unit using your bodies to learn the vocabulary rather than your notebooks and paper.

 NAME/MOTION Everyone stands in the circle. Each person introduces themself and create a motion to go with their name.  The group mimics each name and repeats the motion.  The group mimics each name and repeats the motion.


 Each student gets an index card with some type of technology written on it, in both Spanish and English (e.g. computer, typewriter, telephone, telephone book, word processor, printer, phone booth). These will be the students’ new “names.” Have players introduce themselves to the group by saying their new Spanish names plus a movement that will help the class remember that word; for this round, have the students show their card with both English and Spanish word on it, so the class understands what the new vocabulary is. The group mimics each name and repeats the motion. Continue until everyone is introduced. Then have the students “hide” the English word by folding the paper in half. Go around again repeating the Spanish name and motion; students can once again look at each other’s cards, but this time should only be able to see the Spanish word.CHALLENGE:  The group mimics each name and repeats the motion. The students should only show their Spanish word if people need help remembering who has what word.


VOTE WITH YOUR FEET: Tell students that one end of the classroom is yes, I agre and the other end no, I disagree. The facilitator has statements about technology and reads them out loud. The students move to either the yes or no ends of the classroom, depending on how they would answer the question as the technology they are assigned. This is a silent activity and the students should move without speaking. Once the students are settled into a spot on the line (anywhere between or on yes/no), facilitator can ask individuals to share why they are standing where they are. Once everyone who wants to speak has gotten a chance to share, the facilitator reads off the next fact.

Possible statements: 

  • I am a tool for writing letters.
  • Through me you can communicate with other people.



Describe: What did we do?

Analyze: What was similar about different technologies? 

Relate: What do you think technology can do for us?  How do we use them?