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Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Context for this Lesson


Focus Question: Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?


Teachers prep students by introducing Eleanor Roosevelt. Discuss what sorts of questions they might want to ask a former first lady. Compile a number of questions. Have students close their eyes and click their tongues, this is a time machine sound so that ER can travel forward in time to meet them.


Teacher-in-Role/Hot Seating:

Teacher enters in role as Eleanor Roosevelt. "Thank you so much for inviting me here today. I am always pleased to share my story with those who are interested in hearing it. As you know my name is Eleanor. Do you have any questions for me?" Take questions from students.

Transition: Step out of role. "Now that we've gotten to meet Eleanor and get some more information about her life, let's imagine we are making a museum all about Eleanor Roosevelt's life."


"Our class has been hired to create some statues of Eleanor Roosevelt’s life so children everywhere could remember what a remarkable life she led. What is something we learned from Eleanor Roosevelt?" Have half the students to stand and create a frozen statue of student's suggestion of an event from Eleanor's life. Animate the statues one at a time, or keep the statues frozen and talk about what you see. Swap groups and repeat.


Describe: What do you remember most from meeting Eleanor Roosevelt? What was an important event in her life?

Analyze: After learning more about her life, what kind of person is Eleanor Roosevelt? What do you want other people to know about her character?

Reflect: Why is it important to learn about people from the past?