Write Your Name

Write Your Name with Your Hands and Feet

Everyone sits in a circle. Ask players to write their name in the air with various body parts: arm, leg, head, elbow, etc. Everyone writes simultaneously to reduce self-consciousness.

  • What parts of your body did you use?
  • Which parts moved most/least easily?
  • Why is it so difficult to make a circle and a cross together?
Possible Side-Coaching

“Can you write your name big? Small?”

“In print or in cursive? Backwards? Upside-down?”

Possible Variations/Applications

The Circle and the Cross (Boal)

With their right hands, players describe a circle in the air. Stop. With their left hands, players describe a cross or plus sign. Now warn players that you will give them a task that most people find impossible: do both at once! Very few will succeed, but its fun to try.

Source Citations

Augusto Boal