This video database contains a series of instructional videos on how to use DBI in your context. Click on a video to watch and be sure to let us know what you think!

Foundational Skills

These videos provide useful theoretical frameworks and practical skills to support the implementation of DBI in your context.

Classroom Management
What is DBI?

Activating Dialogue

Strategies that prompt discussion or inquiry around a new or previously introduced topic, these activities aim to get students on their feet and thinking about concepts from multiple perspectives.

Exploding Atom

Theatre Game as Metaphor

Strategies that seek to serve as a metaphor for other skills, such as teamwork and communication skills.

Truth About Me
This is not a

Image Work

Individuals, groups or partners create a "frozen" image using their bodies to represent a moment, idea or theme. These strategies aim to have students physically embody the content, and explore themes and issues in more detail.

Image Work
Sculptor Clay

Role Work

Teacher and/or students take on a role/character with specific views based on assumed experiences in order to explore a topic or issue. The student takes on the “mantle of the expert” in role and directs their own learning within the scenario.

Role Play
Role on the Wall